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Unlike other accelerated high school programs you view online, North American Academy is a brick and mortar school. North American Academy is registered with the State of Florida Dept. of Education. Although we are located in Miami-Dade county we accept students nationally and internationally.

How does the Campus program work?

The Campus Program is for local students who reside within the surrounding areas of Miami-Dade who need classroom instruction in order to graduate. It is a 120-day remedial course taught by experienced instructors. It is an excellent program for high school dropouts or at risk youth. The program is offered 4-days a week set in a comfortable environment . Our academic curriculum follows the common core standards and includes the recommended content of both the Sun Shine State Standards (SSS) and Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). An Employability Skills/Career Training component is also part of the program. Enroll now, program quarter starting soon!

Within the classroom, the student receives a package of books to work through the campus and workbook exercises are also assigned by instructors.

The course lasts 120 days and every student is encouraged to participate in the scheduled quarterly commencement ceremony.

North American Academy is registered with the Department of Education of the State of Florida, Florida Private Schools Directory We are listed in District "Dade".

North American Academy is registered with the College Board. Look up school name "North American Academy."

North American Academy is registered with the ACT. Look up school name "North American Academy."

North American Academy

Since the moment we opened our doors in Miami-Dade County, North American Academy has been helping students fulfill their potential. We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with students for the most efficient learning to achieve graduation.North American Academy was founded as a neighborhood school in Miami-Dade.  Our programs specialize in:• High School dropouts• Home Schooled students• Students enrolled in school who have failedstate-mandated exams to graduate• Children passed the age of compulsory educationor dropped from district day school• Adults who need a high school diplomaIt's also great for - • Individuals who have taken the GED and failed or who do not have time to go to a physical GED classroomNorth American Academy has earned an excellent reputation in the United States and throughout the world.  North American Academy is administrated by experienced Educators and degreed faculty.  Together we have over 100 years of combined educational experience.  Your education is very important to us and we take it very seriously by creating a dynamic and enjoyable high school proficiency curriculum.North American Academy offers on-campus, online and home-based accelerated high school diploma programs. You can effectively complete requirements to get your high school diploma (not a GED)!

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